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In general, the light color temperature of our LED lights is 6000K-6500K.
Raw Lumens is the LED manufacturer’s rated lumen value for an LED multiplied by the number of LEDs in a lamp. Effective Lumens is the number of lumens that actually make it through to the usable light pattern. The difference between raw and effective output is the result of the efficiencies/inefficiencies of the lamp’s electrical and optical designs.
Here’s an informational table which outlines many of the differences between LED and HID technologies:
Large in-rush current Yes No
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Yes Yes
Separate ballast Yes No
Cost comparison Higher Lower
Maintenance Yes (ballast & bulb) No (no bulb or ballast)
Life ~3000 hours ~30,000-100,000 hours
Total Cost of Ownership Higher Lower
IP67 is just one of many Ingress Protection ratings. The IP Code outlines a system of classification for the protection of electrical enclosures against the intrusion of foreign bodies such as tools, dust, moisture, etc. IP67 specifically means that a light is dust proof and is protected from temporary immersion in water 1-meter deep for 30 minutes. Click here for more information on the IP rating system.